Up to date COVID info @

Shy's Place


We kindly ask that if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness that you refrain from joining us in person.


Most common symptoms:


dry cough



Less common symptoms:

aches and pains

sore throat




loss of taste or smell

a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes


Serious symptoms:

difficulty breathing or shortness of breath

chest pain or pressure

loss of speech or movement

OUR Policies

We ask that all guests to adhere to social distancing guidelines and maintain space between yourself and other guests/ staff, specifically when arriving on the property, when using the washrooms, and when exiting the restaurant. Our team will direct you to the proper routes to your destinations. 


We have HEPA air purifying units in every room of the restaurant, air purifying planters, as well as separate ventilation systems for our upper and lower levels.


Our detailed reservation system is in place to control the flow of traffic and eliminate congestion at main entrances/ exits.


We will take contact information from each reservation (name and phone number) to allow for proper contact tracing.


Our dedicated hostess team will be communicating policies prior to guest arrival as well as our entire team will be happy to answer questions at any time. 


Our staff will not come to work if they are experiencing symptoms of illness, and will be provided with support internally to live healthy lifestyles by being provided access to a gym membership, healthy food menu options, access to vitamins, and focusing on overall health and well being. 


We will maintain our usual intensive hygiene routines for hand washing as well as cleaning and sanitizing surfaces as it pertains to regular food safety standards.

We do not discriminate against mask exemptions.

Any guest or staff claiming mask exemptions will be welcome and we will not violate the health privacy of any person(s) entering our establishment by asking about their personal health history or conditions, other than as it relates to dietary restrictions or mobility so we can best serve you. Please be aware that a staff member who has a mask exemption may be serving your table. 

We strive to create an inclusive and safe environment for our guests and staff. 

Our staff is not permitted to ask any guest about their private medical information, and we require our guests to respect our staff's medical privacy as well.

Questions regarding private medical information are not permitted .

We look forward to serving you and continuing to care for our guests & staff with the same standards we always have.