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Reservation Details

kitchen hours
tues-fri | 11:30-9:30
   sat & sun | 10:30-2:15 | 3-9:30
c l o s e d | mondays | c l o s e d

*While we do our best to accommodate requests,
we do not guarantee exact seating.
ALL seating is subject to change without notice based on business needs and staffing.
Severe mobility issues will be accommodated if we have been notified at the time of making reservation.*

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Indoor Dining
Upper & Lower Levels



Our venue has two levels with no accessible entrance to the second floor.  If there are any mobility restrictions or concerns be sure to alert our team so we can best accommodate you. We are happy to take requests for upper/lower level dining but aside from severe mobility restrictions we do not guarantee exact seating.


(all parties of 5+ email:

Year Round Patio

With weather proof screens that enclose full sections of our patio equipped with heaters, blankets, and extra special touches, we're proud to offer our covered patio experience year round.

We are unable to guarantee exact temperature control. 

If you are sensitive to outdoor elements please inquire about indoor seating. 

(all parties of 5+ email:



Live music from June-October on Thursday & Saturday nights. 

As with all outdoor experiences, severe weather will impact availability. Moving to an indoor seat in the event of inclement weather may not be possible. 

Please select an indoor dining option if you are sensitive to outdoor elements (sun, wind, bugs, heat) as our team has no control of those elements.

(all parties of 5+ email:

Weather Disclaimer


Even with all of our investments into creating a comfortable experience we are unable to guarantee temperature control or perfect protections from outdoor elements.

If you are sensitive to outdoor elements please inquire about indoor seating, or pop by in person to check out our space before you book!


Seating Timelines

We operate with seatings for all services.

We have an online booking system which allows guests to book online according to the below timelines. We cannot guarantee there will not be a table seated ahead of you, or scheduled to arrive behind you.

Please allow us to honour all guests reservations by arriving on time for your scheduled reservation and allowing our service team to ready tables as needed. Thank you!

Parties of 1-3 : 1.45 hours to dine

Parties of 4-5 : 2 hours to dine

Parties of 6 : 2.15 hours to dine

Parties of 7-9 : 2.30 hours to dine

Parties of 10 : 3 hours to dine 

Large Seatings (8-10)

Parties of up to 8-10 can be accommodated at our first or last seating for each service as follows:

(* with the exception of brunch)

BRUNCH* (maximum 6 guests)

LUNCH | 11:30AM or 2PM

DINNER | 4-5PM or 8PM

Please contact our team directly for availability : 

Parties of 8+ have an automatic 20% gratuity applied to final bill(s) after taxes.

Cancellation policy in effect for cancellation without notice:

$25 per person for lunch

$25 per person for  brunch 

$40 per person for dinner



Reservations Highly Recommended

While we always strive to accommodate walk-in guests, we have limited seating and waiting areas.


We respect your time and want to ensure we have a proper space prepared for you!  Kindly make a reservation if you want to be guaranteed a table.


Reservations can be made directly via email:, via TOCK, or in person.​

Your reservation will be considered confirmed once you have spoken directly to someone on our hostess team via phone, or through e-mail confirmation, or through TOCK.


Parties of 5+ cannot book through TOCK and can contact the restaurant directly for availability by email:​​


We will happily hold your table for a maximum of 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes if we do not hear from you, you will be considered a no-show. Please be sure to give us a call/ email if you are running late so we can do our best to accommodate you. 


Cancellation Policy

All parties of 8+ will require a credit card on file in the event of a no-show, or alteration/cancellation of your reservation with less than 24 hours notice.*

There is a per person fee in the event of no-show/cancellation with less than 24 hours notice that is based on your service:

Lunch & Brunch - $25 per person

Dinner - $40 per person


*We understand that sometimes things happen out of our control.

Our team is understanding and we always try to work together to figure out the fairest solution.


No show's with no notice will be subject to a cancellation fee.

We appreciate your understanding of this policy and ask that if you are not comfortable with it, you do not book a reservation but rather walk-in on your preferred date and if we have seating available we will be more than happy to accommodate!

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